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2017.12.21 11

You should find art activity for the kids to do in their free time. It will develop their skills in various fields. If you have no ideas about any art work, we recommend 5 channels on YouTube to have a look. Let’s see what they are!


It’s a YouTube channel that offers simple craft ideas. It inspires them to do artwork. All the crafts on this channel are simple but so lovely. The channel will always update new clips every month.

Recycled Bottles Crafts

Recycled Bottles Crafts is created by music teacher named Tatiana Bandurina. She made clips to spark the idea of DIY creative art from plastic bottles.


It’s an interesting YouTube channel emphasizing on lifestyle, eating, playing, as well as wonderful artworks for children. You can spend your free time after treating the baby to discover ideas for creative DIY toys.

5-Minute Crafts

It’s suitable for children and adults. You may figure out cool ideas about how to make handmade stuff from the channel. It will be beneficial for your lifestyle for sure.

HooplaKidz How To

It’s one of YouTube channels that collect DIY ideas for kids to try. It improves physical, creativity and problem solving skills. You may try to find ideas for children to create a lovely work by themselves. Thy will be proud and confident more.

There’s no need to focus on beauty in their artworks. Just let them imagine and enjoy doing. You should not expect to see how perfect it is but encourage them to be happy.

Video Credit: Youtube

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