Essential Tips For Moms To Pick And Apply Concealer Properly

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A busy mom is often getting panda eyes after days sleepless watch out her baby whole night. Having concealer effect is needed to help her look brighter. Blemishes, undereye circles, and discoloration don’t stand a chance when you’re a wiz at hiding them. Learn how to pick the right concealer, and refine the art of going under cover. Your perfect match will mask imperfections and disappear into your skin. Read it all on HappyMom.Life.

Choose a Finish

If you’ve ever glanced in the mirror in the middle of the day to find that your concealer has caked up or disappeared completely, reconsider the product you’re using. Creamy, light-reflecting formulations are best for under eyes; they neutralize dark circles and impart a dewy, rested look. To cover pimples and redness, smooth on a matte, opaque concealer, particularly if you have uneven or problem skin. It’ll stay put for hours and deflect light more subtly.

  • LIGHT-REFLECTING This creamy stick contains pearl powders to instantly brighten, and quick- drying oils that help it blend in smoothly.

  • MATTE A shine-free formula makes bumps and hyper pigmented areas recede. These velvety pots are densely pigmented, so use a light touch.

Find the Right Color

Keep at least two shades on hand: One that precisely matches your skin (or foundation, if you wear it), and a slightly lighter one to offset shadows under your eyes. This also lets you custom-blend shades if you’re tanner or paler than usual, or have flare-ups from rosacea or broken capillaries, Botox bruises, or inflamed pimples. Opt for a dual- or multi-tone palette, and you’ll be ready for anything that pops up.

DOUBLE COVER An MVP in many a makeup artist’s kit, this duo is less emollient than others, which actually makes it more versatile. Tap it right onto a blemish, or mix it into a dab of eye cream to cancel out dark shadows.

Apply It Like a Pro

Whatever you’re putting on, do it in natural light, moisturize your entire face first, and give it time to be absorbed, or concealer won’t adhere to skin.

  •  FOR BLEMISHES Employ a fine-tipped brush (fingers can introduce bacteria to the area) to fan concealer around the pimple, blur the edges, and tap it directly on top. A formula with salicylic acid heals as it conceals. Then use other makeup to detract from the spot. If you have a blemish on your chin, play up your eyes.

  • FOR DARK CIRCLES Dot it from the inner eye sockets to right under the irises, and blend well with your ring finger. Color-correcting shades counteract shadows—we’re not talking scary greens or purples, but peachy-pinks for light complexions and oranges for medium to dark skin. Finish with a layer of your regular concealer.

  • FOR REDNESS Yellow undertones neutralize flushed areas. Using a sponge, a flat brush, or your finger tips, dot and blend, repeating until skin looks seamless.

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