What To Expect When Seven Months Pregnant In Thailand

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It’ better to prepare yourself in the 7th month. You should be well-prepared for any complications that might occur. So, Happy Mom.Life has collected symptoms to be able to handle with them effectively. Let’s have a look what they are.

Symptoms & Changes


That’s because you have got a big stomach and are not comfortable when sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, it’s better to take naps in the afternoon to avoid exhaustion and getting sick.

The Body Starts Producing Milk

The body starts producing milk to prepare for the baby. Just in case you have to give birth earlier, you will see there’re some light yellow milk coming out from the nipples.


The body weight increases plus the pelvis part has expanded to be ready for delivery. It also affects your backbone which makes it painful sometimes. So, the best way to prevent this symptom is to wear slippers, walk, sit and stand up while making sure you are in the right position. Do not lift heavy objects or lay down on super soft bed because it will make you have a backache more.

Toxemia of Pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the doctor should check blood pressure regularly. If there is a high blood pressure, your face, arms, and legs will be swollen. As the weight increases rapidly you can feel dizzy sometimes. Moreover, if you have severe symptoms including premature birth, it will be risky for you and the baby. It is dangerous for pregnant moms to have toxemia of pregnancy, so you should always take special care and go to see the doctor regularly. Moreover, you should observe yourself that something isn't wrong to prevent any severe symptoms.


 Go to the Restroom Frequently

This kind of symptom will often occur because the uterus has expended and weight increasing. Moreover, baby movement will press on your bladder which makes you go to the toilet more often.

Legs & Feet Are Swollen

Your legs and feet have to support more weight. You also have to walk and stand throughout the day, so you may feel more leg ache than the usual. Especially when you’re in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you usually have legs and feet swelling because there is a lot of water inside the body as well.

Flatulence & Constipation

This symptom usually disturbs you because the bigger uterus will push the stomach up. However, you should divide to smaller meals at this time in order to limit this not so flattering aspect of pregnancy

Rash or Acne

Your skin is so sensitive during this period. There might be rash or acne happened. Don’t worry about that. It’s better to see the dermatologist.

Heart Rate Increases

The heart is going to work overtime to pump blood up to support your body,  the placenta and the baby. So, the heart rate is usually higher than normal about 10-15 times per minute. Some of you may be discovering an unusual sound of heart rate but it will disappear after giving birth.




How To Take Care Of Yourself

The best way to take care of yourself is to have a  lot of sleep. As you know, you will be lacking of sleep during the 7th month because the stomach size is getting bigger. So, you should find comfy place, listen to music or watch comedy show to make you relaxed and nap as much as you can.

Although you’re in the last quarter, you and the baby still want nutrients as usual but make sure you include calcium and iron. The baby will get both nutrients from you to produce the skeleton and blood cells. So, you have to eat foods such as meat, fish, grains, yogurt and etc.

Diseases & Complications That You Need To Be Careful With

You should be aware of complications such as giving birth earlier or stomachache which the sign of premature birth. Before doing anything, you should be careful because it might affect to baby in the womb.



Preterm Labor - It happens from various causes as follows:

- Amniotic fluid happens earlier

- Multi fetal Pregnancy

- Operation during pregnancy such as appendicitis.

- More/Less amniotic fluid

- There’s blood coming out from vagina after giving birth around 16 weeks

- Moms under 16 years old have higher risk because the body is not ready to get pregnant

- Moms over 35 years old            

- Moms who are smoking or drinking alcohol

- Work too hard or stand up all the time

- Take medicine that might affect to the baby

- Some of you don’t get enough nutrients such as zinc

-  Have sex during pregnancy

- Get infections from rubella, sexually transmitted diseases, amniotic fluid and etc

- Cervical dysfunction

- The uterus will be contracted and sometimes affect to premature birth.

- You have to admit at the hospital when the cervix is near the uterus

- Get stressed

Symptoms of premature birth: If you have any symptoms, you have to go to see the doctor immediately

  • There’s blood bleeding like having period
  • Backache, leg ache and button ache
  • There’s mucus coming out from vagina which the sign of the uterus is ready
  • Amniotic fluid is broken

Moreover, it’s risky to get disease of urinary tract infection. You will have a stomachache all the time. The symptoms are getting worse when you have high fever temperature and affect to your kidney. Therefore, if you don’t want to have a problem with urinary, please go the restroom when you want to take a piss.

You should not drink a lot of water before going to the bed because it will affect to you and your baby. It happens when you try to stop urinating which directly impact to the baby in the womb.




Recommendations and precautions

  • Get to know the symptoms of feeling hurt around the stomach

Feeling hurt around the stomach is a sign when the uterus contracts. This symptom may occur when the pregnancy is in the third quarter. It helps you to get ready between uterus contraction and muscles which is going to happen very soon.

  • Delivery choices

In case of pregnancy is normal, you can choose to deliver naturally without technology use. Actually, the hospital has a variety of equipment to prepare all the time such as anesthesia medicine, forceps, vacuum and etc.

You’re able to travel as usual but make sure that it will not impact to baby in the womb. Just a couple of months to go which is the most precious time to see your beloved one.

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